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Transforming pixels into prints.

Building innovative digital services is as important to us as crafting the perfect print.

Our software solutions can help you place online orders, automate your print fulfilment processes or make money from your image archives.

Shopify e-commerce shops

E-commerce websites for selling print on demand products

After many years building and running our own bespoke e-commerce solution we have now fully embraced Shopify development for future stores.

Our dedicated team of Shopify designers are able to build you a completely unique web shop, with a rich suite of functionality, powered by Shopify.

Example sites built by our team include Magnolia Box (for fine art posters) and Canvas Republic (for canvas prints).

We have a dedicated team of Shopify designers ready to help transform your online sales whether you are need a completely new site built from scratch or simply improvements to your existing Shopify website.

Projects start from £5,000.


  • Mobile friendly
  • Fully customisable design
  • Monetise your digital images
  • Puts you in control
Web homepage for Magnolia Box
Web product page for Magnolia Box
Responsive Magnolia Box design
Product selector on Canvas Republic

Shopify API Integration

Automate your print on demand fulfilment with our private Shopify app.

If you have a Shopify website and you are wishing to increase your print on demand offering to include posters, photo prints, framed prints, canvases, stickers then you might wish to consider using our private Shopify app.

The Shopify print on demand app makes it easy to send orders directly to our print API. The app integrates directly with our print API; ensuring all your dropshipping print on demand orders are processed as efficiently as possible.

We manufacture all prints on a white-label basis; there are no upfront costs or monthly charges and each order is processed automatically without any need for manual intervention.


Touchscreen kiosks for selling prints directly to your customers.

Our kiosk app is perfect if you need an in-house / in-store solution for selling custom prints.

The kiosk is API-powered and built from the ground-up to provide a streamlined retail experience.

The user interface is intuitive, responsive and provides easy access to your image catalogue. Since the application is built upon our ecommerce platform we can easily support diverse geographic installations and multi-lingual versions, if required.

We have also integrated with several third-party photo software services and can process orders automatically from photo retailers using the following kiosk systems: Fujifilm, PNI Digital Media and LiveLink.

Clients such as Leeds City Museum, Tate and Natural History Museum have all used our kiosk software to power their in-store sales.


  • Custom design
  • Enhance your brand
  • Monetise your digital images
  • Puts you in control
Kiosk homepage for Leeds City Museum
Homepage for British Library print-on-demand kiosk
Kiosk homepage for Wildlife Photographer of the Year
Three-kiosk installation at Natural History Museum London
Kiosk at Kew