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? A Map of Paris. Antoine Corbineau

Acrylic panel

Amazing clarity and depth.

Our acrylic panels transform your photographs into captivating works of art with amazing clarity and depth.

A 12-colour special photographic film print is hand mounted onto 10mm thick high-gloss acrylic perspex and finished with your choice of metal corner bolts (in either chrome, satin, black or gold) or backed by an invisible floating subframe.

Acrylic prints are durable, water resistant and will protect your pictures from harmful UV light keeping colours fresh and vivid for years to come.

Acrylic panel mounted product profile


  • Crystal clear, diamond-polished edges
  • Stunning, luminous colours with brilliant depth
  • Fade resistant for 100+ years
  • Modern, contemporary look
  • Sizes up to 1.2m

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