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Custom framing

Made-to-measure custom picture framing for bespoke projects.

As well as our volume framed prints offers we are also able to create custom pictures frames in any size, style or finish.

Each framed print is handmade in the UK by our team of specialist Guild trainer picture framers. The frames are made to order and designed using your choice of paper, picture frame (picture moulding), mount (mat) and glaze.

All custom picture frames come fully assembled, ready-to-hang and are typically shipped within five to seven working days.


  • Unlimited variety of frames
  • Unlimited variety of mounts
  • Flexible, bespoke finishing options
  • Delivered ready-to-hang

Custom mouldings

We have relationships with every major framing supplier in the UK as well as many framing partners around the world enabling us to source any type of frame needed for your specific commissions or interior design projects.

Whatever your requirements, we’ll be able to source the right frame at a price that works.

Custom framing glaze

We support a choice of three different types of glaze for finishing your framed pictures:

  • 2mm water-white float glass;
  • Clear acrylic plexiglass; and
  • Invisible museum glass.

Float glass is the standard industry glaze used in most framed pictures.

Plexiglass provides increased UV protection, is extremely robust and offers less glare than float glass. Works well in larger sizes; especially if being shipped internationally.

Invisible museum glass offers the clearest possible glazing option. The glaze has very low reflective properties, appearing as though no glass is present in the picture. It creates genuinely stunning results and is perfect for prestige exhibitions, high-value commissions or premium interior design projects.

Custom mounts

Our custom mounts come in your choice of colour, texture and a range of depths from 1.4mm to 3.0mm.

All mounts are ‘conservation’ grade, FSC certified, 100% acid free, and will not discolour or fade with age. We can frame your pictures using single, double or triple mounts: adding framing slips, beveling, patterns or debosses as needed.

We support many alternative colourways to our standard volume ranges and can finish your pictures with a traditional window mount, float mount, close mount or back mount.

Please also get in touch for more information about specialist substrates, extra-large prints, colour correction, secure exhibition fixings, or adding special effects to your images.