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? 1994 German Grand Prix. Hockenheim, Germany. Anonymous


Improving products; increasing profit margins.

FujiFilm approached us to create a more cost-effective solution for their 120+ independent photo labs in the UK. Specifically, they needed to increase their retailers’ margins whilst also providing a wider product range in order to compete with the big supermarkets.

Each of the 120+ Labs had a FujiFilm-branded PNI kiosk system which customers used to place orders. Our Print API was integrated with this system, enabling FujiFilm’s photo labs to submit orders from day one.

Historically the most popular products were canvas prints and, working with FujiFilm’s product managers and key independent Fuji retailers, we were ideally positioned to improve upon their core range.

The success of our canvas products resulted in an extension of the fulfilment offer to include acrylic and other photo gift merchandise. The result was improved products for consumers and larger profit margins for retailers.