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Ben Eine

A limited edition print for the Sunday Times Style Magazine by famous street artist.

Ben Eine is famous for his bold, typographic street art sprayed on walls and shutters from Shoreditch to San Francisco. He rocketed to fame in 2010, when his painting Twenty First Century City was presented to President Obama as a gift by David Cameron.

A fascination with typography old and new, developing fonts and morphing letters to their extreme resulted in his distinctive style: letters painted singly or as random words or phrases lifted from song lyrics, books, overheard conversations. "I like things taken out of context," he says. "A word has a definition in a dictionary, but everyone will interpret it in a different way. I enjoy that."

Eine was commissioned by the Sunday Times to produce a limited edition print celebrating the anniversary of Style magazine. We were engaged to produce the print, along with certificates of authenticity and retail through a dedicated e-commerce website.


Style by Ben Eine
Style by Ben Eine
Style by Ben Eine